Horse riding for literacy

Horse riding for literacy

The incredible journey of Kimberley and her wonder-horse, raising funds for Indigenous literacy. 

Every now and again someone surprises and inspires us in ways beyond our imagination. We are simply astounded by the incredible 25 year old Kimberley Delavere and her tough, scrappy horse Archy. Together they are riding a staggering 5,333km from Healesville Victoria to Cooktown in tropical far North Queensland on the Bicentennial National Trail to raise money for Indigenous Literacy. Her journey is particularly exceptional after learning that Kim has only been horse-riding since 2015.

Kim began her incredible journey in December 2015. For over a year she has been riding solo and unsupported with only her "amazing wonder-horse, Archy, who is smart, scraggy, and tough as nails," she says.

Kimberley found her inspiration to undertake this brave journey after travelling through the Northern Territory and Western Queensland when she previously lived in Cape York, where she came face to face with what she described as "the real thing". The glaring differences between the two worlds within the one country stood out and that's when Kim knew she wanted to do something. Kim resigned from a job she was unhappy in and put all her efforts into something worthwhile. Kim says, "I love the Aboriginal culture. It needs to be preserved".

At the time of writing, Kimberley has now reached the small town of Biggenden, 339 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, and she has met 77% of her $5,000 fundraising goal. All for the love of books and equality!

We love following Kimberley’s exciting adventures on Facebook and we encourage you all to do the same! 

Kimberley’s updates and photos are always entertaining, featuring her fun, down-to-earth manner and all the interesting characters that she meets along the way, as well as the unexpected adventures that she encounters, including Archy’s recent run in with camels around Mungungo Pub.

But, as Kimberley says, “I have a long way to go, alone. Currently I'm doing all that I can to convince my horse to stick with me for the next few weeks, and myself that one day soon I'll be walking through the front door of my parents house and quietly fixing myself a cup of tea.

We are even more inspired by the challenging experiences Kimberely has dealt with and overcome along the BNT. “Guy Fawkes – that part was challenging and humbling…then the Oxley Wild Rivers came up, I had to follow the river for two days without a clear track.”

The journey has brought invaluable changes for Kim including a great lesson in confidence in herself and her abilities, “I can actually do this!” We love her can-do attitude as she recalls, “ ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ Someone asked me, a lifetime ago. ‘One bite at a time’.”

You can show Kimberley your support by making a donation towards her brave adventure, and help her to reach her goal to raise money for Indigenous Literacy! Ride on Kim! 


Quotes from Kim's interview with Brisbane Valley Rail Trail BVRT Community.



  • Posted 31 January, 2017

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