Geraldine Brooks Special Message for Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

"Most of my very best early childhood memories have a book in them. The warmth of being read to in a cosy bed at night. The unbearable yet delicious suspense when lights out was called even though the plot had reached a dire turning point. The thrill of being transported to adventures in the past, in the future, in faraway lands or fantasy worlds. The book that you absolutely, positively had to keep reading, no matter what.

"Such simple pleasures. Such affordable ones. Pleasures that should be in reach of every Australian kid. Yet today more than two thirds of remote communities remain without access to libraries or books. Together, we can change this. Together, we can each give a little. And what we will achieve will be huge. Open the door to books, open the door to the future. It's as simple as that. "

  • Posted 04 September, 2012