GAWA Homeland Elcho Island

GAWA Homeland Elcho Island


To our friends at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

On behalf of our school and community we would like to say a huge THANK YOU! For the wonderful selection of books your organization were able to supply us with. We are currently working on a plan to get books out into the community so literacy is something to be enjoyed and shared outside of the classroom context. We are creating ‘Reading Hubs’ with ‘Literacy Tubs’! These tubs of books will be available for children and adults at houses around the community. We will include a selection of the books you have sent us along with non-fiction titles to engage readers with books they are interested in and can relate to. We are excited to begin this initiative and further encourage the importance and joy of reading. Our students are doing so well in school – we want to spread this excitement. Thankyou again! You do such a wonderful job!

                                                                                                         Staff & community of Gawa.





  • Posted 02 November, 2012

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