Become a regular giver today!

We believe in equal education opportunities for everyone, regardless of where they live or the colour of their skin. We need your help to offer children in remote Indigenous communities equity of opportunity in closing the literacy gap.

Why become a regular giver?

When you join our monthly giving program, you are choosing Equity of Opportunity for remote Indigenous communities. Our programs aren’t possible without a regular sustainable income to let us plan and deliver effective solutions; we need your regular support. $30 buys three books to go to a child in a remote community.

How your ongoing donations help

Check out our program page for more information, and read some of the insightful stories on our blog.

Join us today in making a difference to the lives of children living in remote communities across Australia. Begin your regular giving today!

Workplace giving

Nominate the ILF on your charity list for workplace giving and give small, regular donations from your pre-tax pay. Contact us for more information.

Fundraise your own way

Participate in marathons, races and charity drives. Organise a morning tea with friends, a dinner party, bake sale or bookclub. Donate a percentage of your product sales. Simply register on Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise — they make it easy to share your event with friends and family by email, Twitter or Facebook, and give you a personal page where donations can be made. The money raised is directed on to our Foundation.

If the Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise platforms don’t suit your fundraiser, but you would still like to use the ILF name or logo to promote your activity, please complete this form.

Order a donation box 

Would you like to display a donation box on your counter? If you are a bookshop, please register here, otherwise please complete this form to register.

ILF t-shirts

Order an ILF t-shirt to wear to school or work on Indigenous Literacy Day!

Hold a Great Book Swap

The Great Book Swap is a fantastic way to celebrate reading locally, and raise much-needed funds for remote communities. The idea is to swap a favourite book in exchange for another, for a gold coin or note donation. Register your school or workplace. More information about the Great Book Swap.

Indigenous Literacy Day — 4 September 2019

Through activities on the day, we focus our attention on the disadvantages experienced in remote communities and encourage the rest of Australia to raise funds and advocate for more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities. More information about how you can participate on Indigenous Literacy Day.

Share your fundraiser

Let everyone know about the activity or event you're planning. Email us the details and we can help you promote it on our social media pages and website.

During or after your event, share your photos from your fundraiser on social media and tag @IndigenousLiteracyFoundation on Facebook and @IndigneousLF on Twitter and Instagram, so we can share these too.

Submitting your funds

After your event, deposit your fundraising amount into our account and contact accounts to tell us how much you raised so we can send you a receipt.