Community Story: Yakanarra Community School

Community Story: Yakanarra Community School

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has been instrumental in providing practical support to children and families at Yakanarra.  Representatives from the Foundation have spent time in the Community to assess the needs, and then worked tirelessly to address these needs.

Children here have been exposed to the writing of Australian Authors, and have been involved in a workshop for emerging writers. These events were organised and co-ordinated through ILF and offered children an experience they would otherwise not have access to. 

In a Community visit, ILF brought with them some indigenous recipe books which have become very popular through the community and are used on a daily basis for providing lunch for the children through a community homemaker. 

It is perhaps the insight shown to the needs of the people living in such a remote community, coupled with the willingness to listen and a passion to help that are the strong characteristics of the group. These are the qualities that mean that the contribution is not only appreciated but useful and significant. Our School Library is now a functioning and welcoming place thanks to the hard work and generosity of members of the ILF.

ILF has realised that literacy is about more than providing books and that success will come when relationships are forged and support is given to the whole community and the families that are part of that community.

We are proud to be associated with this group and are confident that the practical support that has been given will be enduring. I personally am grateful for the friendship offered through this support, a friendship that recognises the challenges and the joys of working with indigenous children and fosters the growth of learning through genuine and effective support. Yakanarra Community School is indebted to this support.

Helen Unwin, Principal,  Yakanarra Community School

Mary Vanbee, Chairperson, Yakanarra Community School


  • Posted 17 August, 2012

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