Book Supply to remote communities in 2014

Book Supply to remote communities in 2014

"For us, it’s not just about supplying books. It’s about providing the best selection of books for these diverse communities," said Tina Raye, Program Manager.

Books can play an important role in our lives and for many of us, has shaped who we are. We read for different reasons and purposes. Many readers have told us why they read through our Get Caught Reading Campaign.

Catherine - "It is relaxing and I learn about the World."

Anita - "By sharing a book, it brings me closer to my children."

Christoper - "It takes me to far away lands without leaving my chair."

There is also much research devoted to books and literacy development which highlight the significance of reading and sharing books from an early stage. Marion Meiers, in her paper on Reading for Pleasure and Literacy Achievement, states, “Book reading is a powerful influence in children’s literacy development.” A paper on early literacy, from Zero to Three, adds that “children develop early literacy skills when you give them the chance to play with and explore books and other written materials.”

We are very excited to invite organisations in remote and isolated locations to order FREE book packs from our 2014 Book Supply Program. With either no access or very minimal access to books, our packs of books provides these communities with a range of titles suitable for babies through to adults. The books, from over 30 publishers, make up a comprehensive list of reading material aimed at engaging various interests and reading levels.

"We have a wonderful new set of books again this year. With a revised selection criteria which reflected feedback from 2013, the ILF Book Selection Committee worked incredibly hard on this new list," adds Tina. "In keeping with our strong focus on early literacy, our packs of books strongly support this area as it has increased in size from 20 books in 2013 to now 40 books."

Feedback from remote community organisations that received our books last year explain the relevance and importance of books for their community.


    "Reading books for pleasure develops vocabulary and fluency and provides exposure to the world outside the immediate community. Exposure to books of appropriate content is a wonderful experience for [our students]. Their interest is captured by the quality of the material and they are able to be more-easily engaged in printed works.”

    Diana Rowe, Ntaria School Hermannsburg


    “Books are VERY important to the development of our children and in preparing them for school. It allows the reader to make the stories come alive, children’s imagination expressed, teaches them not only to read but colours, numbers, morals etc. This will help build the foundation for their education for years to come.”

    Farrah Linden, Ngakulwen Nyerrwe Children and Family Centre, QLD

Last year we sent out over 25,000 books across our various programs and this year are aiming at gifting 27,500 books.

If you are working in a remote or isolated community and your organisation is in need of books register for our Book Supply Program now.

  • Posted 17 March, 2014

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