Promoting early literacy, with a focus on First Language


Our Book Buzz program aims to develop familiarity and engagement with books for children under five through a daily dedicated Story Time session, so children can develop critical pre-literacy skills. Our team also provides the funding for many remote Communities to translate popular books into First Languages, allowing children to start their literacy journey with books in languages spoken in their homes. 

Book Buzz supports remote playgroups and collaborates with organisations such as Families as First Teachers (FaFT) in the Northern Territory and KindiLink in Western Australia. The program provides board books, picture books, and touch and feel books, some in English, some in English with Aboriginal Language translations, and others printed in a First Language.

Through the Book Buzz program, children learn to navigate books; how to hold them, how to move from the start to the end following the story, and to think about what might happen next. It is a vital learning stage in preparing children for school.

If you would like to find out more about our Book Buzz program, please contact us.

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