Make a lasting difference

Have you ever wondered how the gift of reading can transform someone's life? A gift in your Will is the greatest commitment that you can make a lasting difference to the lives of children living in remote communities across Australia.

For example, a gift of $10,000 can provide 1,000 new books to communities across Australia, and a gift of $20,000 can establish a Book Buzz program in community and provide the tools for pre-literacy learning so kids can start school with confidence. A gift of $35,000 can publish a book in language which can be used for generations to come. 

So whether large or small, a gift in your Will is greatly valued because it ensures that we can work with remote communities to lift the literacy rate and help Close The Gap. You can include a bequest in your Will simply by contacting your solicitor with our Foundation's details. 

  • ILF is a registered company under law, section 148. ABN 146 631 843
  • ILF is registered under the provisions of the Charitable Fundraising Act (NSW) 1991. CFN 21762.

Bequest Clause

"I give the sum of $___________ or percentage of my estate, free of all duties to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for the general purpose of the Foundation and I declare that the receipt of the secretary of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation shall be sufficient discharge of my executor's obligation for the money paid in accordance with my bequest."

Inform us of your gift

We would love to know that you have included the ILF in your Will, so that we can discuss any wishes you may have and give you the option to have a literacy mentorship and publishing program for Indigenous children remote communities in your honour, thank you personally and invite you to attend one of our events.

For more information, contact David Stewart on 02 9280 0644 or email

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