Bangs 2 Jurrukuk

Bangs 2 Jurrukuk

Bangs is nothing but a hopeless city clicker owl who was always being bullied and had no wings to fly. Join Bangs on his quest to become a warrior. Along the way he finds the true Tiwi Spirit and becomes Jurrukuk, learning the meaning of love, courage and ‘One People’ - Bangs 2 Jurrukuk, Tiwi College Mamirnikuwi

Last week 9 young women from Tiwi College became published authors. Their newly published book 'Bangs 2 Jurrukuk' has been a story the students have been working on since July.

Our annual ambassador trip took us to the beautiful Tiwi Islands this year where three authors facilitated writing workshops with students at three schools on Melville Island. Tiwi College was our host for the week long trip and it was here that the story of Bangs began. The students of the Senior Girls Class of Tiwi College were so energised to write a story and continue what they started during the 2 hour writing workshop with author and ILF Ambassador John Danalis.

To give the girls the experience of becoming authors, our Foundation supported the girls with a trip to Sydney. The trip was based around two-way learning and combined opportunities for the students to complete their story and experience the world of publishing whilst being exposed to the opportunities that reading and writing can lead to.

The week for the students began with a well prepared and informative presentation about Tiwi College and the Tiwi Islands to Allen & Unwin staff. Then it was straight down to business with designing a front cover and title for their book, selecting suitable images, and completing the written component of their story. Allen & Unwin Publishers provided a space for the students to work on their story, expertise in editing, designing and marketing, and when finished - printing of the book.

The book was launched on Friday 15 November and the students were so excited and proud. They took turns reading it to an interested audience which including guests like Natalie Ahmat of NITV News and Robert Gorman, CEO of Allen & Unwin.

"I felt nervous at first because I thought it was not good and people won’t like it but it’s deadly and now people love the book" said Kimberley, author & Student, Tiwi College

"I felt proud and happy that our class did something very special for ourselves and representing our school" said Natalie, author & Student, Tiwi College

We are so proud of the students and honoured to be part of their journey. Publishing a book like this creates excitement and energy around reading and telling stories, not only for the students involved but for the whole community, and in this case over two Islands. It's a book about their people, their school and their islands. The book has now travelled over 3000km to the Tiwi Islands to be shared with fellow students, family and the greater community.

“The book produced is absolute GOLD. Not only Tiwi context – but Tiwi College context!!! The finished product made everyone at assembly so intrigued and proud when it was  read out by the girls. A massive round of applause….” said Ian Smith, Principal, Tiwi College

"Other children in remote communities will enjoy the story of Bangs 2 Jurrukuk in 2014. The book will be included in the Book Supply Program which gifts much needed book packs to over 200 remote communities across the country," said Tina Raye, Program Manager ILF

We would like to acknowledge and thank the efforts of John Danalis, Guy Reynolds Foundation, Allen & Unwin, Natalie Ahmat and NITV, Sydney Opera House, Kinokuniya Bookshop, Taronga Zoo, the Australian Booksellers Association, Nick Bowditch (ILF Board Member) and Facebook, Tribal Warriors, and Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College - all who contributed so generously to the trip.

  • Posted 21 November, 2013

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