Indigenous Literacy Foundation

There was a reading frenzy yesterday at Doncaster Gardens Primary School (Victoria) when Andy Griffiths visited. Over 500 children were on hand to greet him and to get books signed after his talk about his travels out to remote communities as ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

This year Andy travelled across the Kimberleys visiting a number of remote schools from Yakanarra to Wyndham.  Whilst there he read from his books and showed the kids how to write some really cool and inspiring stories. Some of these included How to Roll Rocks Down a Mountain, The Rainbow Snake and the Windmill and Mustering Cheeky Bulls.

Students at Doncaster Gardens had written their own version of stories based on The Naked Boy & the Crocodile (published in 2011) which Andy read and signed.

Teacher Susie Parkes said: "It was a significant educational moment for my grade and the whole school".

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  • Posted 21 November, 2012