A musical collaboration with Justine Clarke, Josh Pyke & Gawura School

A musical collaboration with Justine Clarke, Josh Pyke & Gawura School

Words Make the World Go Around is a new single from Josh Pyke and Justine Clarke created to celebrate, promote and raise funds for the work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). Released on the 29 August, the song will be sung at the launch of Indigenous Literacy Day on Wednesday 7 September at the Sydney Opera House, and will be followed by the Great Book Swap, where businesses, schools and clubs swap their favourite books for a gold coin donation.

Justine Clarke and Josh Pyke are ambassadors for the ILF and the song Words Make the World Go Around was inspired by their work with the Foundation. The aim of the ILF is to address critically low literacy levels and help instil a love of reading in young children living in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia.

“We all wanted to create a song that was fun for everyone to sing and to encapsulate what the ILF is all about. The students from Gawura school were so inspiring and working alongside Josh was such a treat for me.”Justine Clarke

“This was a really fun project to be part of. Working with Justine and the kids at the Gawura school was really rewarding…knowing it was all for a great cause made it that much sweeter.”Josh Pyke

Buy the song here and all proceeeds go to the ILF. Watch the music video here.

  • Posted 29 August, 2016

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