Testimonials from Remote Communities


    Like I tell everyone, we COULDN'T do our award winning After School Reading Club without you guys, we just wouldn't have the books!Tammy Hickey, Librarian, Cunnamulla Library, Cunnamulla, QLD


    Thank you again for your visit, and the positive impact it has had on the Tjuntjuntjara students and school. We really appreciated you bringing Ann James with you as an artist, teacher and illustrator, her skills and abilities benefited not only the students, but also gave the teachers a new palette of ideas and resources with which to nurture the obviously very talented artists in the classroom!


    Thank you for the Buzz resource boxes for Tjitji Kulunpa. As you were able to witness, the little ones are keen to engage with puppets, books and puzzles which stimulate their ever growing appetite for learning and exploring. The resources and books will be well used by these children and all the future little students. They were particularly thrilled to take home books they already know and love, and they loved having visitors who were keen to read to them and play with them. We also appreciate the time and effort that your team took in making your way to Tjuntjuntjara, its a long way to travel in anyone's books. And thank you to the many donors, with whom you work so hard to fund raise to make all this happen.


    Remote indigenous students should not be disadvantaged when it comes to accessing books. Nurturing children's love of learning through encouraging and developing their literacy and reading skills is the key to their future success. Every child deserves that.

    Monika Klein, School Officer, Tjuntjuntjara School, Tjuntjuntjara, NT

Photo: Students holding books supplied by ILF (c) Prudent Upton


    Many thanks for the wonderful collection of books you sent me for distribution. The books went to children in P'mara Jutunta (Six Mile) which is a very remote community near Ti Tree in the Northern Territory. I have also used them in Santa Teresa and Ti Tree. I am a speech pathologist based in Alice Springs and working in remote Aboriginal Communities with children aged 0 to 3 years and their families.

    I have personally witnessed how books in this area are rarely available (or visible) beyond the school environment. It is still a growing understanding that reading to young children and allowing them to look at books is important before they go to formal schooling. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is changing this and I believe this is significant.


    My personal experience is that the children are so keen to read, learn and explore through the books.

    This program is significant.

    This program is making a difference.

    It responds to social inequity.


    Brigita Bezjak, Speech Pathologist, NT Hearing Services, Central Remote Health, Department of Health NT Remote Central Australia, NT


    This year our Preschool and Early Years students have taken part in another awesome reading program and this is THANKS to ILF. The books that we have received are used for Shared Reading and Reading Together. At Preschool we usually focus on one book per fortnight and by this time children are confident to read the book to their friends and family. We visit a different class each fortnight to read our book and the each child takes their book home. The response from families continues to be fantastic. We use these books in our Reading Corner, so once we have focused on a book and sent it home, a copy is placed on our Reading Shelves.

    This program is providing our children, the school and wider community with a stronger literacy program that starts at Preschool. We have had positive feedback from schools in Darwin where some of our children have moved too as when they arrive at school, our children are emergent readers with a passion for reading.


    Suzanne Brogan, Teaching Principal, Milikapiti School, Tiwi Island, NT Health Department, SA

    The books were beautiful and we appreciated them very much. As we are a very big school we chose to out most of the books into our library as it is sadly in need of replenishment. This way all of our children could access these beautiful books.We were especially impressed with the wonderful connections to indigenous themes in the books - they are obviously very carefully chosen.

    To be able to give our children access to these high quality books is a bonus and it is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Kaye Findlay | Primary Assistant Principal | Shepherdson College | Galiwin'ku | Elcho Island | NT

    Kate Findlay, Primary Assistant Principal, Shepherdson College, Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island, NT


    The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has been instrumental in providing practical support to children and families at Yakanarra.  Representatives from the Foundation have spent time in the Community to assess the needs, and then worked tirelessly to address these needs.
    Children here have been exposed to the writing of Australian Authors, and have been involved in a workshop for emerging writers. These events were organised and co-ordinated through ILF and offered children an experience they would otherwise not have access to.
    In a Community visit, ILF brought with them some indigenous recipe books which have become very popular through the community and are used on a daily basis for providing lunch for the children through a community homemaker.
    It is perhaps the insight shown to the needs of the people living in such a remote community, coupled with the willingness to listen and a passion to help that are the strong characteristics of the group. These are the qualities that mean that the contribution is not only appreciated but useful and significant. Our School Library is now a functioning and welcoming place thanks to the hard work and generosity of members of the ILF.   
    ILF has realised that literacy is about more than providing books and that success will come when relationships are forged and support is given to the whole community and the families that are part of that community.
    We are proud to be associated with this group and are confident that the practical support that has been given will be enduring. I personally am grateful for the friendship offered through this support, a friendship that recognises the challenges and the joys of working with indigenous children and fosters the growth of learning through genuine and effective support. Yakanarra Community School is indebted to this support.

    Helen Unwin, Principal, Yakanarra Community School
    Mary Vanbee, Chairperson, Yakanarra Community School, Yakanarra, WA