School Testimonials

We're delighted to share some of the stories and testimonials from the schools that participated in the Great Book Swap or held other fundraisers.

2015 School Stories

International Grammar School: Well Read and Well Dressed

Tin Tin, Harry Potter, Alice and Wally wandered the halls of International Grammar School in Ultimo. All because the Year 6 students chose to support ILF in support of the Close the Gap petition. About 580 students brought in their favourite books to trade and dressed up as their favourite characters. They raised an impressive $720 for our Foundation. 

"The Great Book Swap was wonderful. The children brought in so many books; some older students brought in favourites from their kindy days to swap with younger students. Books were flying around everywhere,” said Year Six Teacher Michelle Wier. “It started a great conversation about books and reading. Students were talking about their character, why they loved their books.”



2014 School Stories

St Virgil's College Junior School, Tasmania

Some feedback from the island state: “The boys were enthusiastic and … very keen to participate in an event that assisted the learning outcomes for other children their age and I think continued support of this initiative will cement it into not only the school calendar but in the boys’ minds. It helped them understand that something small that they can do will help to have a much larger impact elsewhere.” — Jenni Sutton, St Virgil’s College Junior School, Tasmania 

Maree College, Cavalry Christian College, Queensland

Inspirational feedback from the sunshine state

“Helping others is strongly encouraged at our school. Students were motivated to participate in the Great Book Swap because they wanted to help children who do not have books to read. Staff and students look forward to making the Great Book Swap bigger and better next year.” — Maree College, Calvary Christian College, Springwood, Queensland 


Rozelle School held a Great Book Swap in 2014 and raised over $2,200! An amazing effort! 


Normanhurst West Public School, New South Wales 

Smiles all round! And lots of books to choose from. Rosemary Gower from Normanhurst West Public School reports: “Our school hall was abuzz with avid readers scouring the nine trestle tables which were covered with donated books from early in the morning. The selection ranged from preschooler books to adult fiction and a splendid variety of books for our children from K to year 6. Over 160 children left with books tucked under their arms and a smile on their face. Six parents generously assisted on the day as well.” 

A book for a buck! “Our students get so excited about this event,” writes Annette Lynch, from Whitford Catholic Primary School in WA. “They love donating their books and telling us about why they are so special to them and they can’t wait to come in on Great Book Swap day and purchase from the terrific selection. One dollar is such a bargain! They also love that the money raised helps to purchase good literature for the kids, who live in community, who are just like them and love books. The enthusiasm for this event just grows and grows.” Thank you to all the students and staff at Whitford for your enthusiastic support. And happy reading! We can’t wait to hear about the Great Book Swap you have this year.


It’s inspiring to hear how some schools incorporate the Great Book Swap into their school calendar and curriculum: “ … our fourth swap,” Dina Basset from Holy Saviour School in NSW tells us, “and it was awesome. Every year the amount we raise slowly goes up. And it has become part of the school calendar. Year 6 collect the books from all the classes (we are only a one-stream school), sort the books, and then set up the swap, It is the ultimate task in their learning about Aboriginal history and the Aboriginal experience of democracy in the HSIE in the first two terms of the school year.”  Thanks for such wonderful support, Holy Saviour.

"Our students at Coniston Public School (near Wollongong) were motivated by the DVD sent to us by the ILF and it was shown to students and families at assembly. We came up with the idea of donating the commission from the school’s book fair to improving literacy in remote and rural indigenous communities. It was exciting when the cheque for $518 arrived. Thank you to Scholastic for organising the cheque to be made out to the ILF. The book fair was a great way for Coniston students to buy great books for their homes as well as helping Aboriginal children in remote locations have access to stories too!  Our students felt very proud of themselves." - Catriona O'Connor, Teacher-Librarian   

Balgowlah Heights Public School have supported our Foundation for three years. In 2014, they held a Great Book Swap that involved the whole school, Kinder to Year 6, and raised $1,400.

"We support the foundation to help students less fortunate than ourselves. We have an amazing school library and lots of books at home and realise other children are not as lucky. we love reading and want others to enjoy ot too. $1 is not a lot of money for us but if we combine our money we can give the joy of reading and learning to others.The book swap is a fun and easy way to raise money. It is heartwarming to see our students excited by books in this way and to know that the money raised goes to such an important cause," said Teresa Souter, Teacher Librarian.

The students of Varsity College spent three weeks setting up for their Great Book Swap, bringing in books and setting them up on the school hall. Around 1,400 students took part, raising nearly $800. Holly Ratcliff, the teacher who organised the event, said, “Being Indigenous myself I feel very passionate about being involved in anything that will benefit the education outcomes of Indigenous children. We thought holding a Great Book Swap at our school would be a great way to raise awareness and get students involved in helping others by raising money for Indigenous children in rural and remote communities. The students at Varsity College loved being a part of this worthwhile cause and we can’t wait to hold another Great Book Swap next year!”



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