Regular Donors

Monthly donations make a real difference 

By signing up to become a regular donor you will help make a real difference in the lives of tens of thousands of children living in remote and isolated communities across Australia. Your donation ensures that:

  • Our programs continue to be sustainable and available free to remote communities
  • Our programs can be offered to even more remote Indigenous communities around Australia
  • Parents in remote communities can be empowered to teach their children by having books in their own language
  • Cultural information is shared through our publishing program, which gives all Australians the chance to enjoy the writing, illustrating and telling of community stories
  • Future generations of Indigenous children can have more choice and opportunity.

How you can become a regular donor

Register through our website: click here to set up a recurring donation. 

Call us on (02) 9280 0644 and tell us when you'd like to start and how much you'd like to donate. 

Important information about your donation

  • You will receive a receipt every time your donation is processed, and at the end of the financial year
  • You can change the amount of your donation or discontinue it by calling or emailing us.
  • Your privacy is protected. Read our company privacy policy and payment gateway privacy policy for more information.

Where your funds go 

To get a sense of where your donations go, we've made some simple calculations.

  • $25 can buy three or more carefully chosen books that are culturally relevant to remote communities
  • $300 puts packs of 40 books into the hands of babies, toddlers and parents 
  • $500 helps translate stories into first language
  • Any money donated helps to fund a community literacy books – and where possible, in language

Workplace giving 

You can make an automatic regular contribution through your pre-tax pay. Talk to your employer about their workplace giving scheme. Ask your employee to match your donation and tell your work colleagues about our Foundation and why you support it.