Fundraising Ideas for Schools

  • Participate in Read 5, Give 5
  • Invite a local author or Indigenous spokesperson to discuss the importance of literacy
  • Have a 'dress as your favourite character' day for a gold coin donation
  • Run a literary-themed cake stall
  • Spend a period brainstorming all the activities in a 24-hour period that involve reading. Make a graffiti wall with the suggestions of the school community, then sponsor each activity with a gold coin donation
  • Run a read-a-thon with different literacy activities. These could include Reading for Meaning (following written directions on a treasure hunt, to make a model, prepare a meal or otherwise), Performance Reading (turning stories into scripts), relay writing (each person writes a paragraph of the story and passes it on).
  • Devote a morning or afternoon to 'reading in' in reading aloud or silent reading
  • Place the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in your school newsletter.
  • Invite local businesses to match money raised by schools.




Read 5 Give 5

Individuals, teachers, librarians and students can support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by reading five books, and donating five dollars. It's easy!

Supported by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA), this is a great way to help raise funds to buy books in remote communities and encourage reading. 

You can register your school as a Read 5 Give 5 fundraising schools. Contact us with any questions, stories or ideas.