Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD) will be celebrated this year on Wednesday 6 September 2017.

What is Indigenous Literacy Day?

Indigenous Literacy Day is the most important fundraising and advocacy day on our calendar. Events and fundraisers are held all across Australia. 

On ILD we spread the word about improving literacy levels and opportunities for Indigenous children living in some of the most remote and isolated parts of our country. Funds raised on Indigenous Literacy Day buys books and resources for these communities. 

Below is a short clip from our Ambassador Andy Griffiths talking about the 2014 ILD at the Sydney Opera House with Alison Lester, MC Natalie Ahmat and 400 school children.  

What happens on Indigenous Literacy Day?

  • Publishers make donations and help promote the year-round work of our Foundation.
  • Booksellers hold readings, book launches and/or other literary events. Some donate part of their day's earnings, and customers make donations in the designated boxes on their counters
  • Schools across Australia hold the Great Book Swap fundraiser, readathons and other fundraising or classroom activities
  • Businesses, clubs and organisations might also host a Great Book Swap or another fundraiser
  • Libraries hold book themed events, and collect donations

What can you do to help on Indigenous Literacy Day?

  • Hold a Great Book Swap with your school, bookclub or friends
  • Buy a book from a participating bookseller
  • Make a donation online or at your nearest bookshop
  • Help organise a fundraising event
  • Advocate for us on social media 

Tell us about your event!

Let everyone know about the event you're planning. Send us the details and we can share it on our website. 

Thank you supporters

We have a huge range of supporters we would like to acknowledge. Contact us if your organisation would like to be a supporter in 2017!

Read about the Indigenous Literacy Day 2016 celebrations here