Thank you to the Australian Booksellers Association who has provided invaluable expertise and support, and to all members of the book industry who have supported the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

We invite you to help us continue to put books into the hands of kids in remote Indigenous communities. REGISTER TODAY and we'll put a link to your bookshop's website and logo up in our participating bookshop section.

Indigenous Literacy Day

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Take part in our biggest fundraising and advocacy day! Here are a couple of ways you can help:

  • Display a donation box and flyers on the counter
  • Ask for a gold coin donation at events
  • Ask for a gift wrapping donation
  • Host a Great Book Swap
  • Donate a percentage of your sales

Stock our Community Literacy Projects

We have a huge range of wonderful books that have been created as part of our Community Literacy Projects. 

The ILF has published and founded 42 community books to date, 11 in Indigenous language. 

You can order our books, including The Legends of Moonie Jarl, Our Story, How Does Your Garden Grow and more here on our shopify, or you can download the order form here

We will be updating our 2016 catalogue very soon. 

Help us spread the word 

  • Include stories about the ILF in your newsletter
  • Request our logo and display it on your website
  • Like us on Facebook and Twitter and follow our stories on social media
  • Get involved with the local community to host a fundraiser or trivia night, or encourage bookclubs and schools to host Great Book Swaps!
  • Let us know how we can support you!

Request a donation box

An ILF donation box is an easy way for you to support the Foundation. 

On receiving your order we will send your box, brochures, posters, as well as instructions for forwarding donations that you collect. 

Please allow three to five days for the order to be processed