Book Supply

Like a great oral story, a great book can engage, excite and inspire a child. Reading opens doors to a world of opportunities. Learning to read begins with a book. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation's Book Supply program gifts book and literacy resources to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. 

How does Book Supply work?  

ILF works with over 30 publishers and a selection committee to ensure that each year new, culturally relevant books are chosen to be supplied. We ensure that 40 per cent of those books are created by Indigenous authors and illustrators. We have books available for babies through to adults. 

Organisations that are interested in receiving books need to register on our website. You only need to register once. To be eligible for this program, your organisation must work in or service remote or very remote communities. We supply books to schools, libraries, playgroups, women's centres, youth centres and other service organisations. 

Each year, we have a new catalogue of books covering a range of interests, genres and reading levels. These books are packed into age appropriate book packs and offered once a year through invitation. 

How many books has ILF supplied?  

To date, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation has delivered over 150,000 books to more than 250 communities across Australia.

Please note: We do not accept second hand books, all books are brand new and specially selected for this program. 

We wish to acknowledge the support of many publishers, booksellers, authors and distributors who have given us generous discounts and assisted with the distribution of books to communities.